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Okay, just for the record - who do I have playing in these campaigns? Comment with which campaign you're in, and character name if you have one so far. I have a list already, but this is just a 'for the record' post. Also, making sure that the Steampunk players know where my journal is.
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All right. I'm going to post here some of what is planned for that game. My apologies to anyone who has me friended and isn't playing; you can skip, or make idle commentary about chemists gone horribly wrong...

Wait, that's for Omen.

Cut because I write paragraphs at a time. )
And that's what I can think up at the moment. Any questions?
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Oddly enough, this post is not about video games. Good old pen and paper type RPGs. Well. More like computer screen and keyboard, but I digress. At the moment, I'm a player and two GMs-to-be. I suppose I might as well note here what I'm in and planning. Without further ado:

1. Unnamed Campaign. RL, a friend running a D&D 3.5 game for my brothers and I. Yes, Returners, I'm actually playing D&D. Had fun planning out the character, though; I do not qualify as hero material. Out to save his own skin, Searos will distract and sneak his way to victory. In game terms, a Rogue. Planning on multiclassing into Wizard, then Arcane Trickster. And by then, the Explosive Runes fun will begin...

At present, we're still trying to find a good time slot to play in. Schedules of work are wonky. Party's been offered a job - retrieving a big rock with writing on it from the depths of a jungle. From a crypt. And we have no Cleric. Yeah, this'll end well...

2. Steampunk Game. Planning to run this over LiveJournal, but mainly involving friends from Real Life. Gasp, shock, et cetera. Freeform system, play-by-post-ish-thing. I still need to figure out an appropriate name for the main city of the campaign, so I can start referring to it as such. I'll put some of my nots here, though.

Takes place in a city in a valley. Deep valley, fairly steep, so you kind of have a tiered setup - in more ways than one. It's a steampunk-type setting, so class system is alive and well. Technology? Less modern stuff, more steam-powered mecha. And zeppelins. We have to have the zeppelins. Party, whoever they are, will wind up being independent detective-types. Go, find out who's behind a dastardly plot, haul them in. Drawing heavily on Steam Detectives and Girl Genius for this. I may have to work in the Jagers somewhere.

3. Omen. FFRPG game. Running it for a few insane friends - you know who you are - and characters have been at least outlined already. Probably starting at a higher level so cool stuff can be done, and I'll just use a slower EXP rate. Love those rules. Takes place on a floating, dimension-travelling island. There are mysteries to be discovered within. Plus soldiers of various factions, refugees from a dying world, adventurers seeking fame and fortune, and obsessed madmen bent on revenge. And that's without even considering the final boss. Drawing from Cave Story here. Heavily. I REGRET NOTHING.

So. A GM twice over and a player. I ask you, oh friends on Livejournal: How doomed am I?


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