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So, the yearly NetHack Tournament is over.

I managed to pull off one last ascension, in the end - Human Healer. They have possibly the most high-powered quest - Dragons everywhere, a somewhat dangerous nemesis, and then a quest reward that I see as one of the game's ultimate weapons.

This led to me killing dragons with a stick.

My most heavily armored ascender to date - I was hitting AC -32 by Astral. Found the right altar on the first try, pausing only to beat Death into the ground.

Healers may seem weak, but get them going, and you get someone like Dr. House, Black Jack, or Bleach's Captain Unohana. Don't mess with 'em.

So, I'm done NetHack for a while. Pulled off my goals in the tournament - an ascension of each alignment, and all four bonus challenges. I think, adding up the people who did as well as me or better, that I was in the top 5%. Not a bad month.

And now, all that's left are the last few classes, exams, a paper, and taking the train home for Christmas. Oh, and getting Greyhawk kickstarted...
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Another triumph. Pulled it off in 24 hours, including breaks.

Thoughts brief this time. Teleport control is nice, mind flayers are not - I've got enough genoless games, they burn along with Liches next run - and some humble wands are surprisingly useful.

It was a valkyrie run. Not much to say, really. Except I never did find or wish up gauntlets of power - I kept putting it off, and didn't remember until I was done...

Also, I need better luck in picking altars to check.
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So, I've completed the four challenges, and earned the Dilithium Star for one ascension.

The remaining challenges were easy and difficult, respectively. Pac-man - a moment of silence for the four ghosts. They met an Elven archer with a quiver full of blessed arrows.

The fourth challenge, the Unknown Challenge, I'll hold off describing until the tournament's over. Spoilers and all that. I will say that victory involved fewer explosions than expected, and I'm just glad I never ran afoul of FTP.

Never said the fourth challenge made sense.

Cohen would be proud. )

So, open question. My next ascension, what role should I shoot for? The ones I haven't ascended are Archaeologist, Caveman, Priest, Rogue, Ranger, Healer (I'm not this crazy, though), Monk, and Knight...
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So, as some people may know, I play NetHack. Finished a game on earlier, and ascended. Dumplog here, a few thoughts on the run under the cut.

Geekery over an ASCII game hidden here. )

In other news, I've been watching Slayers Revolution and Avatar lately. The Avatar finale...I think I described it at the time as 'a constant stream of Crowning Moments of Awesome, and that's all I have to say on that subject.

As for Slayers Revolution - I'm enjoying it, a lot. And the ending is stuck in my head, now that I think of it.

Post about other elements of life later; I'm just on a geek high at the moment is all. *grin*


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