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Yes, I'm writing again. I had to do something to try to match [ profile] earthstar_chan's AMV, and this is it. A scene from a hypothetical Kingdom Hearts style universe where the primary influence was Tales, not Final Fantasy.

The fight, Lloyd realized, was going badly.

Sure, trying to find out what this weird 'Organization' was up to seemed like a good idea. Things had worked out pretty well - they'd managed to enter the World That Never Was through a newfound Gummi route, and the Nobodies so far had been no trouble.

The problem was the figure standing before them. Kratos, or someone who looked very much like him.

There had been no words exchanged before battle was met; the first thing Kratos had uttered had been 'Judgment', and the ensuing pillars of light had resulted in Goofy being slammed into a wall. Swordplay had been next, and Donald had met unconsciousness right next to his friend. Enraged, Sora had somehow produced a second Keyblade - a fighting tactic dear to Lloyd's heart - and the two youths had teamed up on the swordsman.

It really wasn't fair that Kratos was still able to hold them off like this.

"Damn it, Dad, why are you doing this?!" Lloyd wasn't sure why he was still trying to talk to Kratos; all attempts to snap him out of his battle fury had been met with spellfire so far. Not bothering to wait, he charged once again - and although he was batted aside as easily as before, Kratos had been distracted long enough for Sora to slam a Keyblade into his back.

All the combatants paused for a moment, before Kratos finally spoke. "The Keyblade works best on foes related to the heart - those whose hearts have been corrupted, like the Heartless, or those with no heart at all, like the Nobodies." The hilt of his sword slammed into Sora's head, downing the Keybearer. "I still have my heart."

A wild Demon Fang knocked Kratos off his feet, as Lloyd finally made his annoyance well known. "You sure have a funny way of showing it, Dad!"

"That I do, Lloyd." Kratos pulled himself to his feet with the aid of a console, sheathed his sword, and tapped a few buttons. A doorway opened up. "This should help you get further into the castle. Give me a few minutes to get out of here, then wake up the Keybearer and tell him you were able to beat me."

Father and son looked at each other for a few moments before Lloyd found his tongue. " were helping us again, weren't you? Just like with Cruxis! But...why weren't you holding back like before?..."

"Three reasons, Lloyd." Kratos gestured to scorch marks in various corners of the room. "This chamber was under surveillance; I had to keep up appearances until 'stray shots' took out all the cameras. Secondly..."

Lloyd winced. "Your injuries. You had to make it look like we really did beat you. Just like with Origin."

Kratos nodded, holding his leg injury. "You've really improved your skills, Lloyd. As for the third reason...for some time, the Organization had me on surveillance duty."

Lloyd looked at the unconscious Keybearer and companions, not understanding. "Surveillance duty? What does that have to do with thrashing us so badly?"

It was a full minute before Kratos answered, his usually emotionless face now betraying his annoyance. "Fifty-seven times. I had to hear those three go through their 'Sora! Donald! Goofy!' spiel fifty-seven times..."

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Oh, and for fun.

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a fighting tactic dear to Lloyd's heat

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What are you talking about, Citizen? There are no typos. There have never been any typos. That is an un-typo.


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