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So, I should actually do a life update some time. Next post. This is just to get me writing something at all.

Blame [ profile] starswing for this.

Reply with "JONAAAAAAS" and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

Pictures to follow when I can be bothered.


For this one, I'm going to have to go with Gaav, the Demon Dragon King. One of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo's five lieutenants, he's automatically in the top ten Mazoku in that world. The thing about Gaav, to me, is that I think he wins for raw power. Yes, he got backstabbed and oneshotted by another of the lieutenants - but that was a backstab. Having Sneak Attack doesn't make you a frontliner.

Gaav got messed up by the ancient war, and got semi-reincarnated as I recall. So, he was effectively weakened by that - and despite that, wiped the floor with everyone who faced him in open combat. No particularly hax tricks - he didn't crush the souls of his enemies or just eat magic. He just overcame whatever faced him with sheer brute force - hitting Zelgadis hard enough to crack his demon-golem skin, beat back the Sword of Light with his relatively normal-looking blade, out-speeched Amelia, and cutting off his arm with a Ragna Blade just made him angrier.

No cheap tricks, just force. Gaav - showing that Barbarian can be a fun class.

Eyeshield 21

Yukimitsu Manabu. The 'baldy'. I always had a soft spot for the guy - more an academic than a sportsman, he kept trying nonetheless. Terror and total lack of physical skills did nothing to deter him. He was benched for a lot of the series - but he was the first to score against the Nagas. Credit where credit's due.

A few years ago, I was in an ES21 RP, and played Yukimitsu. That got...a bit odd, and he turned into a bit of a schemer. A lot of the schemer. I think when the game died he was planning Hiruma's downfall.

Yukimitsu. Showing determination, if nothing else.


This is a tough one. Thanks, Kia. Rather than go through the agony of picking from the core cast, I'm going to be radical and say Piandao - Sokka's master in swordsmanship. He didn't show up more than twice, but he was calm, collected, and had his own sense of humor.

He managed to stay sane with Sokka as his student. That takes something.

He was also fun for his backstory - while a skilled warrior, he tired of war, and retired. The Fire Nation didn't want him to retire, and sent a hundred Firebenders to convince him otherwise. Piandao has no bending abilities.

The Firebenders lost, to be blunt, and the army decided not to bother him any more.

Piandao - for it was he that made Sokka truly awesome. You know it.

Tales of Vesperia

Going to go out on a limb here, and say Judith. Why? Not for the obvious reasons. I pick Judith because of her attitude, more than anything else. She's the type of woman to look at the situation, and decide that it's her job to go out and save the world.

Once she teams up with Yuri, things become awesome. Because Yuri has a devil-may-care attitude to everything, and is for most of the party kind of a driving force - pulling people out of their shells. But Judith doesn't need that kind of pulling - if anything, she pulls him.

Disappointed that she doesn't get to kill off the giant monster that's slaughtering the party, getting into a brawl to trick prison guards, and generally doing whatever she wants - as a whole, Judith is just plain fun.

I should mention that I'm glad for the alternate costumes. Her normal one is a bit, ah, fanservicey for my tastes.

Judith. Who the heck do you think she is?

So, post if you want me to tag you.

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This meme frightens and confuses me


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